I’m a huge fan of Pogo’s remix videos, as I have mentioned before, not only because they are so brilliantly executed but also because it’s fun and nostalgic to see a new these beautiful permutations of movies that featured so prominently in my childhood.  Today, however, I’m glad that I clicked the link on latest video to his blog because If I hadn’t, I never would have stumbled on these wonderful little documentary videos he made that provide insight into the non-magical side of things: the editing process.  I think that as an artist and simply as a human being, it’s very important to understand how things come together.  I know for some people it takes away the mystery of something enchanting like a movie, but for me it’s like figuring out the pieces of a very complex puzzle- engaging and marvelous! Unfortunately, the documentaries can’t be embedded, so please follow the links, and enjoy the finished versions of the remixes, which can also be found on his youtube channel.

Link: BANGARANG Breakdown

Link: WHISPERLUDE Breakdown